Sale Junkie: Pretty Little Thing

Last week, Pretty Little Thing gave a code for 50% OFF THE SALE!!! Here's what I bought...

I am, and will always be, a lover of sales and I don't think there's anything wrong with that! Trends are constantly coming back around and can have similar themes from season to season so I don't see anything wrong with buying older season pieces, especially when it comes to fast and simple impulse buys!!


Anyway.... The race was on.This was a race not only with time, but other girlies as addicted to discounts as I am. I had about 20 minutes to get my shopping game on and, with the speed of my laptop, this was definitely a challenge. Of course, in typical me style, I left the website with a furry coat and maxi skirt on its way over with 99p next day delivery all for less than £15. Happy days!

Pretty proud of my ability to control how much I bought too- 2 things? Now that's will power (and what happens when there's a lack of items left in your size).

Broke BB xx


OOTD: Tartan Thrift

The weather seems to have hit the point when a jacket is a bit much so I topped off this gorge tartan cardigan from a charity shop with my trusty fur collar and I was ready for the day!

Cardigan- CHARITY SHOP, £3.99
Fur Collar- MARKET FAIR, £12.99
Top- PRIMARK, £2.50
Belt- BERSHKA, £5.99
Skirt- H&M, £3.99
Doc Martens- EBAY, £27

Feather and Teal Stone Necklaces- PRIMARK
I spent the afternoon helping out on a shoot with the super stylish Laura Vandall. Saskia Lawson was the photographer and what a skilled one she is!! Feeling so inspired to finally go and buy a good camera to learn the skill because it's such a beautiful one to have. Soon...

Stay Beautiful,
Broke BB xx


Shooting Chloe with Motel Rocks

A bit delayed but I'm posting about it anyway...

As you probably know, I'm on a PR placement with Motel Rocks in London right now and I am LOVIN IT!! I've had so many opportunities to learn and experiment. A recent experience I've had was being the photographer for a casual style blogger shoot.

Motel conduct weekly shoots with gorgeous blogger babes and, two weeks ago, we had the stunning Chloe Plumstead of off The Little Plumb in. These are my fave shots...

This is definitely at the top of my list of favourites!!

Hooked on a look? Click the pic!!! (Yeah I've got mad rhyming skillz. That's what you call multi-talented) 
Stella Shirt- Pinstripe Navy
Xaria Crop and Annie Skirt- Santorini
Anness Dress- Khaki
The shoot was done in the retro-style Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch. This venue has a gorgeous 'circus glamour' theme and I'm still determined to head back for some din dins and 2-4-1 cocktails. 

Well that's all from me for now.
Stay beautiful!

Broke BB xx


International Women's Day

It's International Women's Day!! Shout out to all the beautiful, powerful, hard-working BOSSES around the world!

I'm just going to leave this here...


OOTD: My Hat's so Stylish it Has it's Own Accessories

I was totally drawn to this gorgeous 70's rocker style hat from Forever 21 and had to have it.

Multi-Chain Hat- FOREVER21, £15
Oversized Bag- H&M, £29.99
Turtle Neck Top- PRIMARK, £5
Pinstripe High Waisted Trousers- MOTEL ROCKS (sample sale)
Navy Dr Marten Shoes- EBAY, £27
Vintage Belt- Bershka, £5.99
Fur Collar- STREET MARKET, £12

Big thanks to my fellow Motel intern, Nicole, for taking my pics! I'll be posting a lot more regularly so don't forget to check back for new things xx

Stay beautiful
Broke BB x


High St Edit: Scandal

I've been having some serious withdrawal symptoms from the lack of Scandal my life only to find out there are new episodes out and I'm just late to the party... as usual.

When I started watching this, all I could think was FINALLY!!! A black woman playing a character other than the token black woman. Kerry Washington hasn't been cast as a mouthy ghetto gal and she isn't the main character's best friend. She's a freaking GLADIATOR!

If you don't get my references, you haven't watched the show. If you haven't watched the show, you need to get ooon thaat!! I've been watching Homeland to fill the Pope shaped hole in my heart but it's just not the same. Like seriously... where are all the good clothes?! 

I know Liv, it stresses me out too...
"I like... how you always seem to be wearing white"- A line from Jake's I-love-you-Olivia speech. Well I love it too so I thought it was about time I did a High Street take on a the classic Olivia Pope look.

Wide Leg Pants- MOTELROCKS £39
Necklace- TOPSHOP, £6.50

If you're a student, don't forget to sign up to UNiDAYS!! Get discounts like 20% off Motel Rocks, 15% off Pretty Little Thing and 10% off ASOS... 

Get me a white swimsuit! I want to be her...

Stay beautiful (like super babe, Kerry Washington) and come back soon!!


OOTD: Blue with Bershka

Spent this weekend at home in Essex with my little sister where we ate Chinese until we ached, watched films made for old timers (The Second Best Marigold Hotel- loved it!) and forced her to take an outfit pic for me. I saw a chance. I took it.

Got this new coat from the Bershka Sale for only £19.99!! Was in need of a coat with zip-up pockets because, losing my dear phone, I'm not taking any more risks. Love the colour so much.

The sun actually made a slight appearance this weekend. Thought I'd take the chance and rock some £1 Primani sunnies. 

I love this top with a passion. We held a swap shop at my church back in Aberdeen where you could bring some clothes and then fill a bag for only £3. This thick short sleeved crop top still had the tag on and all!

Neoprene Jacket- BESRSHKA, £19.99
Croptop- TOPSHOP (thrifted/ swap shop)
Jeans- LEVI, $15 I think...
Backpack- PRIMARK, £8
Trainers- PRIMARK, £12
I'll be back soon with a High St edit of a fave show of mine.
Stay beautiful!