OOTD: Monday Sun


Hope you all had a good weekend. My family came up to visit which was lovely but, unfortunately for them, it was all grey skies. However, as soon as Monday came, the sun was shining brighter that ever. Typical Aberdeen.


Orange kimono: Internationale, £5
Off the shoulder top: H&M, £3.99
High waisted trousers: Primark, £10
Gold lion chain: EBay, £1.99
Sunglasses: Primark, £3
Old Air Max Trainers: EBay, £20

Stay beautiful


Finding Fashion: Liroff Headbands

Hey there!

I've decided to do another 'Finding Fashion' post where I look at hot and young new talent. I think it's important to support individuals with a fashion drive are ACTING ON IT! This week I talk to Elizaveta about her hand made headbands.

Name: Elizaveta L
Age: 21
Brand name: Liroff Headbands
"Many see headbands as either something for school or as a significant statement piece but, sometimes, all you need is a modern-day crown. Something you can wear for both casual and special occasions to become a modern day princess. It is the sort of accessory that does not just compliment you or your styleit is capable of putting you in a completely different mind-set."

How long have you been making the headbands?
"It's been a couple of years. I can’t say it is an extremely regular activity though. Due to work and other commitments, I cannot dedicate my full time to them."

What got you started?
"I am absolutely fascinated by the Dolce and Gabbana headbands and decided I definitely need one of their ‘crowns’ in my life. However, they sold out extremely quickly, so I decided to have a go at creating my own.

I've had some previous experience in creating bracelets and necklaces as a hobby. My mother used to work closely with a number of Russian designers and she often took me to their ateliers after she picked me up from school. The appointments normally lasted a couple of hours and so the ladies there taught me the basics in embroidery and other bead/crystal related tasks. Later on this turned out to be a very useful hobby – perfect for unique presents. "

"The year I started my GCSEs, was the same year that Gossip Girl aired. We had all already have read the books and accessorising our uniform with anything that was not banned was quite close to our day-to-day life so a lot of us wore headbands (though we were restricted to the uniform's blue colour). During A-levels we participated in Young Enterprise – I went to an all-girls school, so we set up a jewellery business, which turned out to be really successful.

I guess quite a few things fell into place, and then a little bit of boredom triggered the whole thing."

Where do you find inspiration when making a new piece?
"I cannot say I have one particular inspiration – sometimes I see a jewel or bead (I often use old jewellery to I absolutely love fairytales – and sometimes I see each headband as related to a certain princess who I try to imagine whilst working on a particular headband. In terms of inspiration behind the actual work – my boyfriend has always been an incredible support and encouraged me to follow and pursue my hobbies and interests. Being someone’s ‘princess’ definitely sets you in an incredible mind set for creating “royal headwear”."
make new pieces) and suddenly a whole story evolves around it.  It is a bit like writing a story – you have an event, or a character and then you develop and embellish it.

Do you have a favourite piece? 
"Probably my favourite piece is the very first headband I made. It has a lot of memories related to it and symbolises a start of something that became quite an important part of my life."

I personally loved reading about Eliza's journey and hope you did too! If you're interested in her stuff, e-mail her at liroffheadbands@hotmail.co.uk and you can either find out what's in stock or even ask for something in particular! 

Don't forget to follow her on instagram to stay up to date with all her new stuff. 

Stay beautiful x
My fun new headband for the summer from the woman herself (Thanks girl!)



"He was delivered up for out trespasses and raised for our justification."
 Romans 4:25

Happy Easter and I hope you all enjoy your long weekend!

Come back soon for a blog post on cool and unique handmade headbands from Liroff Headbands.

Stay beautiful!


Step into Spring with Pretty Little Thing

I really wonder if anyone else is struggling as much as I am with lent. This whole 'no-shopping' thing has reached a whole other level of difficulty. I have to avoid shopping centres on my way home from uni and ignore the beautifully familiar sale promos in high street windows.

One thing I can't seem to avoid is promotions on social networks, Instagram being the main culprit. I follow a few retailers on Instagram including online retailer, Pretty Little Thing, and have devised a list of items from the spring collection that I'll reward myself with once my 40 days are up.

If you know me, you'll know that I'm a sucker for pretty little shoes. Well... pretty chunky shoes.

Top (left to right): 

Bottom (left to right): 

My favourite of all has to be the chunky 90's-style block heels (top left) so, of course, I had to create an entire outfit to match. I'm thinking boho grunge...

So there's my Pretty Little Thing Spring time wish list. Quite dark for spring, I know, but it's just my thing.

Stay Beautiful,

 This post has been entered to the Pretty Little Thing VIP Blogger competition. Wish me luck!