Gray's School of Art Graduate Fashion Show

Last night I headed to the Gray's School of Art Graduate Fashion Show where, as well as getting some free wine and chocolate, I got to lust over the beautiful designs of the talented RGU fashion and textiles students. A statement that's always a little frustrating to repeatedly hear as a fashion lover is 'You'd never be able to wear that!'. A couple things I definitely know is that (1) people can wear whatever they like and (2) some designs aren't meant to be worn but are conceptual pieces of art to just ADORE! So let's do just that...

Designer and collection from left to right: Jenny Holmes- Road Between; Michelle Hay- Anagen; Jenny McCraw- Persona

Katrina Andrews- BAIT; Hannah Robertson- Duvet Daze; Karen Korjus- Fashion Puzzle

My favourite collection of the night has to have been Ryan Cowie's Fembots. The pieces were all well fitted garments with stunning structures and a futuristic feel- it was basically the wardrobe of a powerful and fierce girlboss. I NEED IT ALL!!! 

Check out the full collection here and find out what the inspo was behind it all.

Stay Beautiful!
Broke BB xx


Fringe Fever

Bought this super hot fringe, suede effect jacket from H&M for only £24.99!!! <3


The Golden Show

It's that time when the business fashonistas of Robert Gordon's University team up to put on the show of the year. That's right, it's time for the annual Fashion Management catwalk event!

The show will be held on the 29th May at the Aberdeen Business School and, this year, the guys and gals at RGU will be raising funds for Down's Syndrome Scotland- a charity that aim to improve the quality of life for those with Down's syndrome and their families. Grab a ticket, contribute to this amazing cause aaand have a great night filled with fashion fabulousness!!

How cute are these tickets?!
To find out more or book a place, send a message to thegoldenshowrgu@outlook.com and don't forget to join the Facebook event page to stay up to date with everything going on and behind the scenes content. 

See you there!
Broke BB xx


Protein World... because why not?

So I'm a bit late on the band wagon (coursework and all) but I thought I'd get in on the big Protein World discussion. It really is EVERYWHERE!!!

The first time I saw one of these ads just chilling on the tube all bright and yellow, I thought "DAYUM, this girl is fine!". The sexy smize, the perky boobs and that unbelievably teeny tiny waist- Renee Somerfield, a great body buuuut not the great body, there are so many others.

Now I don't have a problem with people getting fit for summer- let's be honest, every year 90% of girls decide to bless social media with pics and statuses about their 'beach bod progress'. If I have a real problem with the advert at all, it's that the brand were aiming to promote healthy body image and yet encourage consumers switch meals with pills... seems a bit silly really. I don't think that the advert would have had the same response if it had been an ad for a gym group for example. Protein World are saying "eat less, look sexy" which is what we really don't need in this day and age. 

You're lucky if you feel great in your body but I think it's important to remember that there are young girls who are still getting used to theirs. These girls are becoming more and more aware of what is seen as 'hot', especially with the growth of social media, and some will do anything to reach a body shape that sometimes just isn't possible.

If you feel great as a size 16, that's a beautiful thing. If you feel great as a size 6, that's also a beautiful thing, the same goes for muscley girls, girls with wobbly thighs or girls in the ittie bitty titty committee. Seriously I think we should all stop watching measurements and just do you. Don't put down a woman in an ad to feel better about yourself but don't put a woman in the ad and declare her as the only IDEAL body.

Ma bae Cara, the stunning Denise Bidot and badass ballerina, Misty Copeland

All in all, I just want to say #MealsNotPills

Stay beautiful (because YOU ARE)
Broke BB x