So over the past week there have been both the Golden Globes and the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards, ceremonies overflowing with amazing women who are just winning in life as well as awards. This post looks at my favourite few actresses (I still can't get used to calling them actors) who are stunning, lovable and truly talented. With the help of a great glam squad and the perfect smile, these girlies rocked the red carpet.

Lupita Nyong'o
I can't even express how beautiful and talented this woman is! The bold use of one block colour and minimum use of accessories has maximum impact. Lupita seems to constantly look amazing and makes me think of her as the perfect black Barbie... not the Nicki Minaj kind but the cool and classy kind. Starring in Golden Globe's Best Motion Picture, 12 Years a Slave, Lupita ended the week having won best Female Actor in a Supporting Role at the SAG Awards. Incredibly talented doesn't come close, I hope to see her as the leading lady very soon! 

Jenifer Lawrence
 Known for being goofy and awkward, J-Law seems like the most down to earth Actress of the moment.  She looked gorgeous at both awards ceremonies and won Best Supporting Actress for her role in American Hustle. I genuinely adore Jenifer and actually do like this dress but couldn't help but laugh when I saw a picture of Colton Haynes re-enacting the kooky Actress... so chic.

Emilia Clarke
I'm so used to seeing Emilia as white-haired Khaleesi in Award winning fantasy-drama, Game of Thrones, that I didn't even realise this was her at first. No one could pull off both platinum blonde and brunette hair in the the way that she can. The monochrome and neutral dresses, accompanied by natural hair and make up, create a pure and elegant look. 

Zooey Deschanel
I am done with people telling this stunner to tone down the quirk. Yes, her name is spelled a little funny, her eyes are unusually big and she sings like she's from the 1930's but she totally owns it. Deschanel layered a beaded crop top and embellished tulle skirt over a Oscar de la Renta gown. Some say she over accessoriezed with the matching beaded shoes and flower in the hair but I say it's the icing on the vintage inspired cake. I've already filed this look for future wedding dress ideas... Some day...

Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham, Creator and star of HBO's Girls, has had a lot of mixed reviews about this look but personally, I admire the bold choice. We all know Lena is a full figured woman and and, usually, woman of this size are told to shy away from bright colours because black is more slimming- But who cares? I think the way that the dress is pulled in at the hips and the fishtail bottom give her an amazing shape. Weather it's an outfit choice or Vogue shoot, everyone should just get off her back and go back to not being a skilled writer, actress, producer and director for an award winning TV show. 

The Men...

Leonardo DiCaprio
Just for being Leonardo DiCaprio... mmm.

Chiwetel Ejiofor
The incredible leading man in 12 Years a Slave looking oh so suave.

Jarred Leto
I didn't even know he acted! Not only does the musician also act but he came away with the Supporting Actor award in both ceremonies.

Bennedict Cumberbatch
Well I just love him. Come on, look at the awkward smile!

Kunal Nayyar
On screen he may play Raj, the woman repeller, but here he looks fresh to death in this white blazer.

Like these these stars, stay beautiful!


Stress. Exam. Done. Relax.

I had my first and last exam of the Semester today. So thankful that I only had one because the coursework alone was a genuine pain in the backside. Fingers crossed, all went well. I have a personal theory for success:

 Good Outfit = Good Mood = Good Grade

But that's just me...

My #ootd

 Now I have over  two whole weeks to enjoy life before heading back for the next set of modules. I am loving the course so far and hope next semester will be just as good. 

Things I want to do during my break:
1. See James Vincent McMorrow in Glasgow on the 28th. His voice is way too beautiful for me to miss! I must find a friend and buy tickets ASAP

2. Paint signs for the vintage section in the Cancer Research store that I started volunteering at before Christmas. Looking for some old skool vinspiration for ideas on what to do.

3. Get a job. I shall be showering all of Aberdeen with copies of my CV in hope that I can find another retailer onto my job list, Office is starting to look a little lonely. 

4. Get another 'Snap That!' street style feature done. I have a few pictures from some stylish city dwellers but a few more are needed before I post it up so hopefully I'll get out and approach strangers again soon.

Wish me luck! And stay beautiful.


Being Bold and Beautiful


This week I wanted to share and support a campaign called Bold and Beautiful, raising awareness and funds for charity Crohn's and Colitis UK.

Over the next six months, Meg Milburn Photography will be taking a series of photos of a beautiful and inspiring friend, Rachel. The aim is to change the perceptions we have of beauty, gain donations and hopefully inspire others going through the same situation. 

After being given the theme of 'Fashion as an Identity' for my university coursework last semester, I decided to write an article interviewing Rachel about her journey with Crohn's disease. From weight loss to hair loss, she has had to adjust multiple parts of her life to accommodate to the physical and emotional challenges that have come about since being diagnosed with Crohn's but, even through this, she still remains a gorgeous girl and strong in her faith.

These are her words to anyone going through a similar situation:

"Our image plays a massive role in our identity and forms a big part of who we are. When it is taken from you so quickly, it is often hard to cope as we can feel so lost in who we are. For me this has been a really big learning curve and has played an important part in discovering more about me. Through my faith I have come to realise that what we look like on the outside is not that important in the eyes of God. What our hearts look like is more important. I want each and every one of you to know that you are all beautiful inside and out. Not having hair doesn't make you any less beautiful then someone who does. Use this opportunity to show people what an amazing personality you have. Be that encouragement to people, be that light that shines in the darkness. I know that I hope to be that person for someone. Someone who can help support others and remind them of all the things to be grateful about."

Please take a look at these pages to support the campaign and donate if you can!

Stay bold and beautiful!



New year new me!

That's what they all say..

In all honesty, I'm fairly content with the 'me' I am right now therefore I shan't take on a whole new identity because the year has reset. No 'new me' for now but I have decided to add a few realistic little changes and challenges to my life for next year. I've never really been the kind to do New Year's resolutions but I'll give it a go this year.

1) Bible in a Year
I got myself a Bible in One Year from Soul Survivor a couple of years ago and never finished it. This shall be the year! Although the readings start in September, I'm going to join in now and finish December next year because I'm bad enough with dates as it is to try and start reading the 1st September on the 1st January. Plus I can follow the daily thoughts on the readings from the guys at Soul Survivor on their blog.

2) Finish 2nd year with an A
Transferring universities last year was crazy stressful, UCAS and Student finance are the bane of my life and having to make changes to both of them took time and effort. I love the course and want to make the best out of my time here at RGU, so I won't settle for less than and A (2:1 and over for England).

3) FINISH the Squat and Ab Challenge
I don't think that I'm alone in saying I've started both of these but never seem to be able to finish it, especially not in 30 days. If all goes well, I would have already completed one resolution by the end of January and, if it all goes really well, I'll finally have a bum like a normal black woman should, toned abs and will keep it up all year. Wish me luck!

4) Wear More Colour
This is going to be a difficult one. You can guarantee I wore something black for 90% of 2013 and most years before that. I think I get it from my older sister and it's reaching point where I'll leave the house dressed as a spy with a few gold accessories. MI5 meets 2 Chainz... not ideal. So this year I'll try pushing myself out of my grayscale comfort zone and rock a bit of colour.

5) Perfect Placement
I need to get myself an amazing Fashion Styling or Visual Merchandising placement for 3 months in 3rd year. I have a long list of places I want to apply to including Urban Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger, Motel and Company Mag, so if you've got any connections, help a sista out.  

For achieving resolutions it think it's best to keep it real and stay beautiful!

Oh and lastly, I have to share this idea that popped up on by fb news feed. Give it a go, so simple and so perfect. It might teach us to appreciate all the lovely little things as well as the great big achievements this year.
Check out : It's a Lovely Life

Happy New Year x