Top 5 Best buys: October 2013

Hello again

I haven't done a post that focuses on my personal style since I first started blogging and I think it's about time, so this week I'll be going through my favourite 5 items that I've bought this month. What's your favourite?

Velvet shirt from Oxfam £5.99
Slightly gothic but super gorgeous!

Patterned Shirt from Retrospect £12
So glad I discovered this vintage retailer right at the start of my time in Aberdeen. I've got a feeling I'll be a very regular customer.

Drawstring Wedges from Ebay £11 (Incl. p+p)
Never got around to buying these when they were in store and I had to snap them up when I saw them on Ebay.

Cape-coat from Sue Ryder £6.99
The perfect coat for Autumn- It goes over everything without being bulky and restricting. 

Fur Coat- Shelter £15
It cost bit more than my other fur coat (Bernardo's £6) but I've been looking for a leopard print fur coat for too long to leave the shop without it, plus it's still a serious Bargain!

The charity shops are definitely one of my favourite things about Aberdeen so far. Never underestimate what you can find because there's something for everyone. Yes, it's a bit of a treasure hunt but that's kind of the fun thing about it. Whether it's through Ebay, a charity shop or a vintage store, thrift shopping is my favourite way to get something original whilst still staying on-trend. 
This Sunday I'll be at a Vintage fair here in Aberdeen, along with a camera and a notepad- expect some street snaps and posts throughout November based on a few vintage retailers around Aberdeen. Additionally, on Wednesday, I'll be styling and conducting a photo shoot for my course, so check back here on Thursday and take a look at the not so secret life of a Fashion Management student. For constant updates throughout all these events, follow me on instagram @brokeblackbeautiful and twitter @Broke_BB

Until next time,
Stay Beautiful

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MKS- The Originals

Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan, the original (and better) Suagababes are back on the scene. When I first heard Lay Down In Swimming Pools, a song sampling Kendrick Lamar, their stunning voices literally made me pause, it's that beautiful. They've truly grown vocally and I really hope they get all the respect and publicity they deserve as MKS. I heard their new single, Flatline, for the first time when they recently appeared on Alan Carr but when I saw the music video playing at the gym, I knew I had to do a quick post about how AMAZING they look. The clothes, raging from grunge to Gatsby are too perfect and almost everything is going on my wish list. I can already see myself running around the streets in a black beret.

I'll leave you with the full video below. Come back on Wednesday for my top 5 buys of this month.

Stay Beautiful


Snap That! Take 1

Hello my lovelies!

I've finally gotten around to borrowing a quality camera in order to launch my street style page. Take a look along the top of this page, just under the header... see a tab called 'Snap That!'?... Well done. Each month I'll upload pictures to that part of my blog of people I've snapped whilst out and about. I'll be blogging about my Style Star as a post on the home page but the full selection of pictures will be found on Snap That!

For this first week I've posted all photos below. Take a look...

Style star
Lana, 22
Lana pulls of a fun and funky look with this mix of an oversized jumper, patterned high-tops and chunky pendant, all topped off with a bobble hat. This girl has undeniable swag dripping from her head-to-toes.

Nuala, 19
The next 3 students are all rocking a bit of tartan. Nuala wears the trend fabulously with a pale pink fluffy jumper. I've always thought it would be insane to wear red with pink but this proves that it genuinely pays off to try something different and challenge the truths of an alleged fashion faux pas. If you push the boundaries with confidence, you can't go wrong. 

Zoe, 19
I absolutely love Zoe's geometric print dress worn with an oversized coat. The simple cuts of these pieces create a classy, but relaxed, look. Clashing the tartan scarf with the dress' print automatically gives the outfit a vintage feel.

Matthew, 17
I'm completely drooling over this stone-washed denim jacket that Matthew's sporting. As a Fashion and Textiles student observing multiple trends, he told me that, currently, his favourite is Glam Punk, with a tartan scarf being his staple item for this season. 

Hanaan, 20
I adore this 3-tone, ombre-effect jumper with cut out shoulders, s a great way to pull off this season's heavy knit trend. Teamed with a short gold chain and patterned scarf, this outfit is both stylish and relaxed.

Jessica, 20
Jessica stands out with a 3D geometric necklace, bright,oversized jersey and gold Adidas hight-tops. She wears what she wants and it totally works. Her key piece for this season are a pair of Topshop ankle boots.

Shona, 20
Shona's loving the AW13 trend, 'This is England', right now. By adding a vintage-style, heavy knit cardi over a varsity jersey along  with a pair of trusty Docs a whole new look is brought to life. In combining trends you can always find something new and interesting. Give it a try.

Tari, 22
I'm no expert on men's fashion but I am sure that Tari is looking fresh to death, with a gold chain over this buttoned-up shirt. Tari tells me he's lusting over the perfect winter jacket and describes his favourite trend as 'All black everything'. 

Check back next week for my Top 5 Best Buys of October.

Stay Beautiful



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Made in Chelsea: High Street Edition

I can't say I particularly love, or even like, many people from the E4 reality TV series, Made in Chelsea, but there are a few things that make me an addict anyway... I love the drama, Proudlock and I definitely love the clothes!!

There were some pretty snazzy outfits on Monday's episode but I picked a few favourites in considering the current trends this AW13 season.

My style crush of the night had to be Miss Rosie Fortescue. I have absolutely adored her style since the first season and she never fails to impress. This style-savvy beauty mixes high street brands, like Zara and Asos, with designer labels to create a chic and charming look. Rosie totally gets away with mixing red and green without looking like Christmas d├ęcor, pulling off the coloured leather trend (mentioned last week) like a pro.

    Check out Rosie's blog, At Fashion Forte, for more info on the outfits worn. 

The runner up for my style star this episode was Phoebe-Lettice Thompson. Despite the horrific attempt to go hood with the hair and the dirty look she shot at everyone 90% of the episode, she did rock a sexy and glamorous look... from the neck down. A lace dress can allow a person to be covered from head to toe and still have the guys staring, although it's only respectable to wear a bikini underneath if you're at the beach- don't be a fool.
    For this season, try a black mini dress, under a crochet, lace or sheer maxi, with an oversized fur gillet, chunky ankle boots and a statement necklace to finish.

Faux Fur Gillet- F&F, £30
Stone Chain Necklace- Miss Selfridge, £15
Mesh Insert Maxi Dress- H&M, £14.99
Triangle Detail Neclace- River Island, £12
Thick Sole Ankle Boots- Asos, £35

Check our Etsy and Ebay for crochet & lace maxi dresses, they're mostly vintage or the seller only has one so take a look NOW!

Although he wasn't in the episode too much, I can't go without professing my love for Oliver Proudlock and the royally hipster vibe he exudes through his style, ignoring the questionable high bun that he decided to sport this episode- I'm just glad he stuck with one bun and didn't do a Miley. This week Mr Proudlock was looking super-fly in his Serge DeNimes Scull Sweater (£69), an original urban brand that focuses on excellent quality, founded by Proudlock himself. A graphic print sweater is a great way to immediately style up a causal outfit. Wear it with slim fit jeans and accessories with a snap back and or a chain.
Slim Jeans- H&M £24.99
Baroque Sleeve Sweatshirt- Topman, £28
Rosary Necklace- Topman, £5
Nike Air Vortex- Office £66.99

That's it for now, but come back next week.

Stay beautiful!


Impress for Less: Trend Alert AW13

The AW13 and LFW catwalks have revealed a wide variation of trends, taking style inspiration from grannies to grunge. I'm going to look at my favourite few leaving you some cheaper options and tips on how to pull it off. Click on the links to buy.

This candy coloured trend was seen all over the catwalk. 
How to wear: Try an oversized, pink, wool coat with a mini dress and a pair of chunky detail shoes, then top it all off with a leather bag to match. 
Also great with: Navy, another colour trend this season.

With the grunge trend going strong, leather is a great way to toughen up any outfit.
How to wear: Take it up a notch by rocking some coloured leather instead of all black for a luxury look. A splash of colour will surely make you stand out this season but if you're not fully confident jumping right in to a lime green coat, how about starting with an item consisting of leather/ wet look elements and getting bolder with each purchase. Primark is overflowing with wearable leather pieces but, without an internet store, it's difficult to find images so definitely go check out the stores.
Also great with: Denim and tartan which are both great if you're going for a grunge, punk or 90s look.

Whether it's chic and tailored like Balmain's collection or loud and extravagant like Alexander McQueen's AW13/14 catwalk , embellishment is a sure way to project a powerful and glamorous image. It's time to shine!
How to wear: I think that matching cream, black and gold is the best way to wear this. Top up on chunky jewelled accessories for a night time look.
Also great with: An oversized leather jacket to rough up the feminine look.

So they're my top three looks at the moment. I'm also loving the punk tartan trend, oversized clothing and heavy knitwear. What about you?

Stay beautiful,


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Hello my lovelies!

It's been a while, pretty much the whole summer... but I'm back and I will blogging more regularly. I've just moved to Scotland and can now finally call myself a fashion student. Exciting times! I'll be keeping you updated with some of the practical projects that I'll be working on throughout the year and, as well as regular weekly posts, I'll be doing a few short posts in between that will include tips and observations about fashion and beauty. Expect a post every week on Wednesdays looking at my Best Buys, High Street Edits, How To's and more so watch this space. I'll be starting next week with a Favourite Trends feature. Additionally, I'm hoping to include Street Style section once I sort out a proper camera. 

Until next time...

I don't know if you're broke or black but stay beautiful

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