OOTD: Ghetto Goth

It was another gloomy day in Aberdeen (surprise, surprise...) so I went for a slightly grunge, 90's inspired look. However if you add gold hoops, a chain, geld down baby hairs and a top bun on a black girl, you get an awfully ghetto look. Who cares. I'm owning it.

Crochet Maxi Dress- H&M £10
Monochrome Backpack- Primark £8

Gold Hoop Earrings- Miss Selfridge
Gold Lion Necklace- eBay
Staple 'Go-to' Ankle Boots- Office

Stay Beautiful!


OOTD: Pine to the Apple

Just a wee 'outfit of the day' post from Friday. My fellow Fashion Management student and friend, Claire, has agreed to be my photographer! Aww yeeah! Unfortunately Friday was such a windy and grey day so it wan't the best circumstance but, somehow, she made it work. 

Watch this space for more lovely OOTD pics and check out Claire's photo blog for beautiful landscape shots, light drawings and me boogying like a mad woman. 

I'm constantly dancing in pictures...

End of a LOOOONG week = Happy Days!!

Cropped Fluffy Jumper- Sports Direct (YES, SPORTS DIRECT...), £9
Pineapple Print Skirt- Primark, £2

Multi Chain Necklace- Primark
Gold Hoop Earrings- Miss Selfridge
Poppy Field Monet Print Bag- Christmas gift and life saver!!

Coming up

Another Finding Fashion post where I'll chat with ASOS Marketplace Clothes Show Live Winner, Sade of Sade Farrell Clothing, ahead of her Marketplace store opening. 

But first... let me take some street style shots! 

Come back soon and stay beautiful,


Good Buy

Hey hey,

Here's a quick, and little delayed, post about some recent Miss Selfridge sale purchases I made for a wee pick me up- and remember, Arcadia allow student discount off sale items, unlike a lot of retailers. 

My uni campus is based by a lovely river so my lovely friend (and photographer for the day), Claire, and I decided to have a wander and take some outfit pics whilst the sun was out. It's the last time we've seen the sun in Aberdeen for a while now...

It was a day for double denim and the last chance I had to wear sunglasses. Bye-bye bight sky.

Smiling in the sun

All Miss Selfridge
Loose Knit Croptop- £10
High Waited Jeans- £18
Rings (4 Pack)- £3.50
Gold Hoop Earrings (3 Pack)- £2.50

Denim Jacket- Vintage Basement, Brick Lane
Ankle Boots- Office Shoes
Backpack- New Look

Stay Beautiful!


How To: Psychedelic Pastel Nails

Hey there

Today I thought I'd do a quick and easy 'How to' for water marble nails. I recently tried out doing my own acrylic nail extensions and am having fun trying out different styles.

Here's an image from last week's nail art.

So this week I've gone for some pastel tones in a marble effect, with gold gems for a fun finished look.

You will need:
- Base coat
- White nail varnish
- A selection of pastel tones
- Gems (I got this wheel of gems from poundland)
- Water in a dish or glass
- Nail varnish remover
- Cotton buds

Step 1

Apply your base coat then cover nails with white polish. This will allow for the colours to stand out better. 

Step 2

Using the brush, apply a drop of colour to the centre of the glass (it's best to keep the lids unscrewed to make changes easier). Repeat this using each colour until there are several rings of strong colour -I did it about 11 times.

(My flat is on a slant so everything drooped to one side...)

Step 3

Use a wooden stick (nail art stick or tooth pick) and lightly drag the pint over areas of the circle moving from the outside to the centre each time.

Step 4

Make a claw shape with your fingers, dip onto the pattern, keeping your hand steady.

Step 5

It's a mess!! 
Don't worry, just g around the edges with cotton buds dipped in nail varnish remover and tidy it up.

Step 6

Add a top coat before using a wooden nail art stick (adding a tiny dot of water to the end) to pick up the gems and apply to the nails.

Step 7

Add a final top coat and live life with gorgeous nails!

It is possible to get the same pattern on each nail by repeating the process on one nail at a time but I personally prefer the mismatched marble style and it's so much easier than doing each nail individually. 

Give it a go! 

Stay beautiful,


Tumblr Tagged + Liebster Award= ??

Righty oh,

So I've been tagged by multiple people- listed below- for both Tumblr Tagged and Liebster Award. These are where a blogger is picked by another, provided with a number of questions to answer then goes on to choose other bloggers to answer some questions of their own.. and so on. Finally I'm getting around to doing it so thank you taggers and sorry for the delay!

Nicole- Fashion Fruit
Kim & Kyle- itsksquared.blogspot
Chloe- Simple Beauty Chatter (although I can't seem to find the questions)

Each have provided a list of questions and I thought I'd pick 5 from each and do a Tumblr/Liebster mash-up for this post- A Tumbster Tagward... Okay that's really not very catchy but here I go,

Nicole's Questions

Are you religious? If so what do you believe?
I am a Christian. I'd say it's more than a religion- It's about having a close relationship with God and letting love, faith and forgiveness trump other emotions and circumstances.

Popcorn or a hot dog at the cinema?
Popcorn- Salted. Tango Ice Blast- Mixed.

Jeans and crop top or short dress?
I do wear a lot of both but I'm going to say it's 65% crop top and jeans (or skirt..or shorts).

What is your favourite smell?
New babies. I know. I'm a weirdo...

Where do you see yourself next year?
Kicking ass as 4th year Fashion Management student and just being generally awesome.

Kim & Kyle's Questions

Give 2 random facts about you!
I am obsessed with cheddar.. the cheese not money.
I love Nickelodeon with a passion. 
I don't care what anyone says. It's cool to watch Victorious!
What are your favorite types of blog posts(hauls, reviews, etc.)?
Street style- doing my own 'Snap That!' posts and seeing others. 
Finding Fashion- where I look at cool, young individuals who have started up brands (check my previous ones on Urban Bird Clothing and Liroff Headbands).
High Street Edits- where I take fashion inspo from TV and find some high street alternatives.

Black or White?
It's got to be black with something shiny and gold. Although I would really like the chance to wear an all white suit one day.Just because

Who is your celebrity crush?
I could state the obvious and say Zac Effron or Trey Songz (who are definitely a couple of beauties) but I'm going to be honest and say it's out of Michael Cera, Jesse Eisenberg or Benedict Cumberbatch... Gotta love an awkward geek.

What is your number one beauty product?
Body Shop's Tea Tree toner. Essential!


Finding Fashion: Urban Bird Clothing

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Hello all :)

I'm back with another Finding Fashion post. This time I looked at new start up brand, Urban Bird Clothing and, because it's Friday and we want to keep the good vibes flowing, we're offering you 15% off for the next 2 weeks! Feed the need to shop, my lovelies.

Purchases can be made through EtsyDepop and the website, urbanbirdclothing.co.uk, which will be up and running this Wednesday. Don't forget to give the brand a follow on Facebook and Intagram (an account I'm crazy in LOVE with) to keep up with new collections and competitions.

So here's what you need to know about Urban Bird Clothing and the girl who started it all off...

Name: Molly Kempster
Age: 19
Brand name: Urban Bird Clothing

When did you start creating clothes and why?
"I made my first kimono in April 2014. I'd never really made clothes before but have always been artsy, I love making things and always have. As for why, I absolutely love kimonos and was fed up of spending £50-£60 in Topshop every time I saw a nice one. So I thought, 'How hard can it be?' And here we are!"

You've recently started making jewellery too. What sparked that?
"When I first decided to make this into a brand, I always knew I wanted it to be more than just kimonos. So I expanded, started making dresses, tops, two pieces, bralets, skirts... I even have plans for things like lingerie and bags. I want Urban Bird to be a well rounded company, I want a customer to be able to go online and buy a whole outfit that matches perfectly in style without hunting around. So jewellery is the start of that!"

What inspires your designs? 
"I've always been a lover of the hippy/bohemian style. I love bold prints, bright colours, intricate embroidery and flowy fabric. Basically anything with that free spirit vibe. I also love everything about 90's grunge; the music, the people, the style. The whole scene! So when winter comes we may see more of that style creeping in.

Some Molly originals of SS14

"I absolutely love what I'm doing and thank everyone for your support! I'm at Uni studying photography, and start second year at the end of the month, so Urban Bird Clothing may be a little quieter than normal for a while. We'll... be releasing winter stuff [and] designing a load of stuff ready for SS15! Excited to show you what we have planned!"

It was a pleasure getting to know Molly and her brand better and I can't wait to see what she has in store for this AW14 season. 

Now head off to Etsy or Depop and quote the 'BROKEBB' code for 15% off. Alternatively, you could check out her Instagram and send an e-mail to mollykempster@hotmail.co.uk about a product from there (discount is still valid through this too).

Stay beautiful!


Long Time, No Blog

Well I'm not going to lie, I've really let blogging slip. This summer has been fairly busy and I've been in and out of Essex so much I think I have whiplash.

It's been a summer of camping, 1D, George Ezra, being a tourist in London, 3 weeks in America and a recent trip to Glasgow for a good old Scottish wedding. 

(WARNING: These are not the best pictures of my summer but I'm having some serious struggles with my new phone so bare with...)
Loch Lomond- Rest (or dance) and be Thankful

David's photography.. of course
China town!

David again.
Michigan City beach

Dancing in lake Michigan

Tomorrow I'm off camping in Somerset for Momentum- a Christian summer festival for young adults. This is always the highlight of my summer and I'm absolutely buzzing. Forget Creamfields because I'm going to CHURCH! 

Bring on the camp fires, acoustic nights and good times. 

Peace, love and, as always, stay beautiful!


H&M Sale Steals

Hey hey!

So I'm taking a quick break from yet another depressingly loooong day of revision to show you all a few things I bought recently. When it comes to exam time I often end up resorting to food, solo dance parties, more food and, of course, retail therapy to get me through. Last week I popped into H&M, had a browse in the sale and ended up buying 3 things for a grand total of £9!!!

Bargain is not the word, It's a genuine steal...

Dress £4
Size 16!

Necklace: Primark, £3
Shoes: Primark, £6

Dress £1
I couldn't bring myself to get the £50 Pretty Little Thing heels but I found the EXACT same shoe off ebay for £15 less!! Sorry PLT but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
Jacket: Vintage Basement, £18
Shoes: Ebay 'Soyoushoes', £34

Trousers £4 
 Top: Primark, £4

Big thanks to my beautiful flatmate and now photographer, Dawn, for taking the pics for me.

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