Welcome to London

Hey there,

So this is a short post in a different style to usual. I'm doing what blogging was created for... venting on an online diary.

I have recently started a super cool placement at Motel Rocks PR office in London and am so happy I had this to keep me upbeat and grateful whilst everything else went horribly wrong...

You know those days when you wake up thinking, "This is going to be a good day! My make-up's looking good, I'm feeling good- Its got to be a good day. Right?"


It was a day of travel mishaps and Oyster mess-ups that led to, and followed, the misfortune of losing my phone. When you forget your phone at home it's always that feeling of missing a piece of yourself. It's terrible but my phone is literally an extension of me and I don't even have the excitement of being reunited with my love when I get home. It's either lost or stolen. My aunt said i've been 'baptised by London'. Oh well. It can only go up from here.

One thing this series of unfortunate events has taught me is to BACK UP EVERYTHING! Sorry it's not a lesson with some deeper meaning but seriously, Dropbox is your friend guys! If only I'd accepted this fact before my photos from the past 2 years floated away into the unknown abyss that is Central London.

Anyway, stay beautiful... even if you can't post a selfie on instagram.

Still smilin' #ipadselfie