H&M Sale Steals

Hey hey!

So I'm taking a quick break from yet another depressingly loooong day of revision to show you all a few things I bought recently. When it comes to exam time I often end up resorting to food, solo dance parties, more food and, of course, retail therapy to get me through. Last week I popped into H&M, had a browse in the sale and ended up buying 3 things for a grand total of £9!!!

Bargain is not the word, It's a genuine steal...

Dress £4
Size 16!

Necklace: Primark, £3
Shoes: Primark, £6

Dress £1
I couldn't bring myself to get the £50 Pretty Little Thing heels but I found the EXACT same shoe off ebay for £15 less!! Sorry PLT but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
Jacket: Vintage Basement, £18
Shoes: Ebay 'Soyoushoes', £34

Trousers £4 
 Top: Primark, £4

Big thanks to my beautiful flatmate and now photographer, Dawn, for taking the pics for me.

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