Sun-Day at Duthie Park

Last Sunday David and I though we'd savour the good weather and head over to Duthie Park for a little picnic. It's 16 days into lent and I'm already feeling the struggle and I'm realising just how much time I usually spend jumping from shops to shop, buying everything with the words 'SALE' on the tag. As well as that I seem to have a habit of going out for dinner every time that I can't be bothered to cook (which is basically all the time). I guess it was nice to take a break from the usual, sit outdoors and do something simple and fun.

Actual sun in Aberdeen!
Impossible to take a good picure together

 Duthie Park's Winter Gardens

Camera was so steamed up I could't see through the lens 

someone stole this poor flower's friend...

Making wishes.

Stay beautiful


Lent: Week 2

More OOTD pics of the past week...

Was inspired by the film Clueless which I watched the previous night after seeing the new music video from Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX- Fancy.

Check out the quilted DMs. Down to £70 from £125 in the Office sale then an additional 50% off all sale meant £35 Docs for me!

Just uni.

My own version of  pretty little liar, Spencer Hastings' outfit.

Out and about

Duthie Park

More on Duthie Park soon and a post to come about a designer of unique handmade headbands, Elizaveta Lirova.

Stay Beautiful,


Lent: Week 1


That time has come around once more. The time when pancake day or ,in my world, pancake week comes and goes and you give up something you love for 40 days, to become a better person in some way (for me, it's the faith). This year I gave up...

...wait for it...


Why? Because it's a dangerous addiction for the bank account of an unemployed student. So I'm taking back control and withdrawing for lent.

I'm hoping that in giving up buying new clothes and shoes, I'll be forced to explore my current wardrobe more and try a few new combinations. I'll be posting more OOTD pictures (except for all my lazy/home days) to keep track on any progress made.

Day 1
All you can eat buffet with the girls. 

Day 2
Uni day.

Day 4
Dinner and a movie with the boy. Watched The Grand Budapest Hotel at the Picturehouse Cinema then it had to be Nando's.

Day 5
Church day

Stay Beautiful


LFWend Pics


So I totally forgot to post pictures of the actual event. LFWend was okay but my favourite part of the trip was just milling around London looking at shops and eating out! It has to be London Fashion Week next time. Finger's crossed. Anyway, here are the last photos...

Somerset House

The trend catwalk showcased four of the top trends for SS14- 'Flower Power', 'Precious Metals', 'Lace Embrace' and 'Good Sport'

Somerset House was filled to the brim with showrooms displaying designer products. Here are a few colourful ones.

Pistol Panties

My Flash Trash

Jane Carr

The Levi Showroom...

Had a DJ...

AND free champagne! 

Goodbye for now. Stay beautiful.