12 Wonders of Black Hair & Skin

Maybe you've got yourself your first black friend or you're just intrigued, but you have so many questions but don't want to come across like a clueless country bumpkin. From my primary to university years, I am used to being one of very few (if any) black kids in my class and I'm pretty light hearted about other people's curiosity and have decided to list a few of the most common queries I get.

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Black hair probably sparks the most questions as the difference of coarse Nigerian hair compared to theirs can be intriguing. Now I'm not easy to annoy but one thing I do have to insist when it comes to all black people- ASK BEFORE YOU GO PETTING SOMEONE'S HAIR... I'm likely to say no. Respect that.

1. When I have extensions- "What part is your real hair?"
 Extensions have become much more mainstream as I got older but people do still ask this so check below about how it works. Still confused? Google it!

2. With braids- "How do they put it in?"
Here's a tutorial vid by Kali Kashmere because, after repeating myself to multiple people for15 odd years, it can get tiring...

3. "How long does it take?"
6 hours and a sore bum later- I look fabulous! Sitting on a chair for half a day obviously isn't fun but after all these years, it's not as big of a deal as you think.

4. "What is a weave?"
Aaand another tutorial, this time by HairByLin.

5. "How do you wash it?" 
The same as how you wash yours really...
When hair is in braids or a weave, it's really not necessary to wash it much but when I have natural hair, I probably was it every 3ish weeks. No, it's not dirty. White hair gets greasy if you don't wash it often however afro-caribbean hair dries out and breaks if you wash it too frequently. Natural oils take longer to affect black skin, I assume it's because of the fact that black skin is thicker with more layers than white (but I'm no doctor) which is why we apply hair oil and other products to give it more moisture.

6. "So is your hair, like, an afro?"
No. My hair is relaxed instead of 100% natural. Relaxer is a type of long-term straightening formula however I do cheat an 'afro' every now and then using bantu knots.

7. "Why don't you keep your hair natural?"
I know afros are just oh so more interesting but I relax my hair because it makes it easier to maintain and I'm super lazy with my hair. Props to the girls taking that #NaturalHairJourney, it's just not my choice at the moment.

8. "You change your hair all the time!"
Well I can't sit with the same weave for 2 years now, can I? Black people can use braids and weaves as a way of protecting natural hair whilst still looking uber cute but, eventually, it will get messy so it kinda needs to be redone. Just sit back and enjoy the variation.

9. That "Yes, I have tights on my head" moment...
Night Time Weave Routine Using Tights | Edee Beau
If I stay over, I'll probably put on a head scarf to stop it getting messy and dry, but you know what's just as good?? Tights! Perfectly elasticated for ideal hair protection.

10. "Do you have to moisturise EVERY day?"
I usually have to explain this when it comes to changing after swimming and everyone's like "what are you doing?". Yes, I moisturise on a daily basis because dry skin feels as bad as it looks. Just accept it as something every black person does and move on. The faves are Palmer's Coco Butter and, for the dry winter, Vaseline jelly (because it's not just for lips!).

11. "Why are your palms and the bottom of your feet white?"
Why does it matter? They just are...

12. "Do you tan?" 
Well yes, I get darker in the sun. Although, for me, it has to be super sunny so this British summer isn't really cutting it.

So that's all I have to tell you this time round. Take this information, hold it close to your heart and avoid asking again. 

Broke BB xx

P.S. No, I won't teach you how to twerk and no you're not 'blacker' than me because you listen to more rap music. 
Love ya!

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