Back with the Music Monday

I'm officially done with classes and only have a couple of coursework deadlines  to go, then it's 'goodbye uni', hello adulthood! I am both excited and absolutely terrified but trying to stay positive about the unknown future.

While I have a little more time I'm going to get back to blogging and, as it's a Monday and a new month, why not start today?

For my music Monday, I've picked a selection of songs that I'm clearly obsessed with... Apologies to my sleeping flatmate who overheard me singing along to these tracks the other night. It was basically a full-blown kitchen performance. There's nothing particularly new and special about these songs, I just love them, there is no criteria.

1. Meghan Trainor- NO ft. Almost every girl in the club.
I actually couldn't stand Meghan Trainor but this song is converting me because, not only does it sound like a R&B girlband from the noughties, but it speaks the truth. Go away.

2. Jenifer Lopez- Ain't Your Mamma
It would probably help if she stopped dating guys young enough to be her son but I love this song and I love J-Lo so no shade here.

3. Blonde and Craig David- Nothing Like This
Craig David keeping garage alive. Nothing but good vibes!

Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo- Close
4. Space is just a word made up for someone who's afraid to get too close. Poetic love or psychotic ex? You choose. Either way this song is perfect.

5. Beyonce- Eveything that is Beyonce
So I clearly couldn't put up every LEMONADE track and about 1 week from releasing it, all the videos have now been removed from social media and Youtube. So i've got Formation repping the album because I'm STILL not sick of it. Slay

Peace and love
Broke BB xx

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