Music Monday: Josef Salvat

This week's Music Monday tune is Open Season by Australian artist, Josef Salvat. I've been a lover of this lad since his song, This Life, came up on a Youtube mix that I listened to back when I was a poor naïve fresher, all stressed about coursework. That minimal, deep bass came blasting through my headphones and I was hypnotized into chilldom- his tracks just have that effect on me.

The song Open Season was written by Josef in 2013 during a new chapter of his career as he was about to sign a new record deal after a recent move to the hustle and bustle of LDN from Austalia.
Here's a little newsletter snippet (join the mailing list yo!):
"On paper everything looked so bloody exciting but the reality was a bit lonely and frustrating...So Open Season was, structurally, melodically and lyrically, a readjustment of priorities. In many ways so is the video.
It seemed to me that the whole process of making music videos can sometimes be frustrating for everyone involved... So we decided to lay that bare, remove the 'torture', and just make something beautiful and fun."- Josef Salvat 

Check out the wonderful and witty video shot in Cadaques, Spain and directed by Ollie Wolfe. WARNING: SUMMER FEELS AND HOLIDAY CRAVINGS AHEAD!

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